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Electric Shadows is dedicated to crafting high-impact music videos that amplify the stories and sounds of independent musicians. We believe that music is a powerful medium for expression, and we’re passionate about creating visuals that capture the essence of your music and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Our team of experienced filmmakers and music enthusiasts understands the unique needs of independent musicians. We work closely with you to translate your creative vision into a stunning music video that showcases your artistry and resonates with your fans. From concept development to production and post-production, we handle every aspect with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your music video stands out in the vibrant Melbourne music scene.

Whether you’re an emerging artist or an established independent musician, Electric Shadows is your trusted partner in creating music videos that elevate your music and leave a lasting impression. Let us help you bring your music to life through captivating visuals that amplify your artistic voice.

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The Sleep Ins

God Damn It, My Friend

Lara De Koster

Takes Two

Lara is a folk musician and singer from Melbourne. She saw another video Emel, Cinematographer, had filmed in the city. She loved it and wanted a music video like it for her new track ‘Times Two’.

 Based off the lyrics of the track, we created a sad and complicated love story following two people, with Lara singing to narrate the story. The black and white scenes show the past and the coloured scenes are the present time with Lara. We filmed over 2 half days in 2 separate locations; in The Jasper Pictures Studio and on a Melbourne Beach.


Fire Power

Nightlight is a Melbourne based hip-hop and electronic pop duo; with rapper and singer, Laura and keyboardist Hayley. Laura and Hayley wanted a new music video for their song “Fire Power”, inspired by the animated series, ‘Avatar the Last Airbender’. Hayley and Laura wanted to have a ‘dark tea party’ featured in their video, so we built the story around this. Hayley, in the story of the video, spikes the tea at the tea party and sneaks away. She later stumbles across a doll house in the garden where she begins to play with Laura like a puppet. We filmed over 2 days in two separate locations; in The Jasper Pictures Studio and on a farm. 

Sub Urban - Uh Oh!

Details Soon

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